At Ganesh Engineering, We do concern for the environment issue to lower the Carbon Emission.

As a part of our constant endeavor to improve our environment, We have initiated following measures in our manufacturing units and Corporate office.

  • Solar Power Harvesting from Factory Roof with Install capacity for 90 kW. During day time , we can minimize usage of Electricity from Power Grids. Our estimated Electrical power generation from roof top Solar Panels is 150,000 Units (KWe-Hr)/Anum.
  • Rain Water Harvesting : We have designed our Factory premises in such a fashion that no Rain Water is wasted to drains. Total Rain Water is collected in 500,000 Litre capacity pond, which is sufficient enough to meet our Annual Water requirement. Excess Rain Water is charged back to the Ground Water Bore-Well. To reduces the Carbon emission from our Boiler / TFH / HAG stack, we have designed our Boilers / TFHes / HAGs to run on Bio-Mass fuel as well as on Bio-Gas and Producer Gas as fuel.

To control Solid Particulate Matter (SPM) emission from boiler flue gas , we offer our Multi Solid Fuel Fired Boilers , TFHes , HAGs , etc…with Bag Filter Plants , Three Fields ESPs (ElectroStaticPrecipitators) , Wet Scrubbers etc to meet the most stringent environment standards.